Starbell Gifts  offers items featuring these watercolor seascapes of the four California Marine Life Sanctuaries. Clothing for adults, children and pets, household items, paper products, electronic accessories, and more show scenes of the beautiful Cordell Bank, Greater Farallones, Monterey Bay, and Channel Islands Marine Life Sanctuaries!

Starbell Press is featuring three books by author Suzan Michele Powers. All three books are offered in paperback and Kindle editions and available on Scroll to the bottom and click on the title of the book of interest to read about these books or to order or click on Starbell Press.

         Cordell Bank National Marine Life Sanctuary and Greater Farallones National Marine Life Sanctuary


          Monterey Bay Marine Life National Marine Life Sanctuary



                          Channel Islands National Marine Life Sanctuary            



Books* by Suzan Michele Powers available at Starbell Press...

The Rain Prayer  A non-fiction account of the author's experiences during and after the formation of the Monterey Bay National Marine Life Sanctuary.

 In The Sanctuary: A Collection of Poems  A book of poetry written before and during the historical time of the creation of the Marine Life Sanctuaries. They are poems about life, love, our earth and this special place, The Monterey Bay Marine Life Sanctuary.

 The Angel Tree: A Memoir  The account of the artist's life growing up in a dysfunctional family that still fostered creativity.The mystery of the darkness that follows the family is also explored and brought to light. The European and American history of several families that are intertwined is explored to discover the genetic history of art in the family.  After breaking free, the story becomes one of the emerging artist and the development of an environmentalist dedicated to the California coast and its wildlife.

*All three books can be purchased at in the Kindle edition or in paperback. Please write a review of my books!  


                                                                                                                           The Angel Tree                The Rain Prayer                In The Sanctuary

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